Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mara Venier boat in Sardinia, with her partner and "ex Jerry Calà.

Mara Venier lady of Italian television, nice, true, after spending a vacation in a country of "Latin America where his partner Nicola Carraro own a home, and where they were robbed of everything: jewelry, television awards, money. Mara returned to Italy where always with Nicola Carraro took refuge in Costa Smeralda and were guests on the boat Jerry Calà, where c "were also his wife and son. The Venier who can not swim entered the water with a ciambellona, ​​and then he relaxed by taking a bit of sun, along with his ex and his wife to this, and his current companion, together they formed a beautiful and merry band , waiting September and "beginning of the run of the new edition  of "Live Life", which will be assisted perhaps by Marco Liorni.

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